Open Meeting – Yate Outdoor Sports Complex – Wednesday 23rd May 2018

16 May

The second of the Bristol Avon & Yate (BAY) Open Meetings will be held at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 commencing on the track and in the field at 6.30 p.m. Entries are by cash payment on the night and athletes must enter a minimum of 40 minutes prior to their event. Please remember that you will need your England (or Welsh) Athletics registration number to be able to enter. There is not a full program of events as the meeting only lasts 3 hours in total and the timetable and list of events is as follows:

The event will include Avon County 800 metre championships in some age groups.

Please remember that you will be seeded in certain track races on the night so listen out for tannoy announcements to ensure that you are present when your event is seeded.