Cotswold Way Relay, 30th June 2018 – First Issue of Teams

13 May

We have filled five teams of 10 runners each with 4 reserves which is a fantastic achievement. At present we have 1 Men’s team, 2 Ladies teams one of which is currently called Mixed Fortunes, and two Mixed teams – Mixed Spice and Mixed Results.

The Team managers are:

Men – John Rooney; Ladies – Tracy Allan; Mixed Spice – Tom Watkins; Mixed Fortunes (Ladies) – Maggie Salter; Mixed Results – Steven Grant

We anticipate there may be some people have to drop out so if you are interested in running let us know and we will add you to the Reserves list.

Have a look at the Stages allocated and contact your Team Manager if there are any issues. If your good to go, contact your other 4 B&W runners on the same Stage and see if you can arrange a recce run.

1 Graham Breen Annabel Granger Tom Watkins Helen Clark Gordon Everett
2 Pete Bains Catie O’Donoghue Sam Bentley Caitlin Lloyd Tanya Chowdry
3 Ciaran McQuade Natalie Griffiths Peter Gandon Lisa Newing Christine Rose
4 Owain Jones Naomi Aylwin Andy Malloy Maggie Salter Dave Salter
5 Maciej Helen Newberry Mark Taylor Antonia Gooder Fleur Cockley
6 Dan Schofield Molly Chilton Alice Doggrell Mel Ashley Steve Grant
7 John Rooney Hannah Pollack Nicola Oldroyd Jenny Anderson Pete Clark
8 Andrew Drake Ellen Harrison Paul Jefferson Ruth Tredgett Michelle Edgell
9 Matt Battensby Julia Belyavin Tracy Allan Jane Colman Graham Grout
10 Anthony Hall Imogen Peck Jon Bennett Latife Comlek Dave Hart
Reserves: Sian Davies Daryl Phillips Graham Crump Geoff Partridge

Our Facebook group is and you can request to join it if you haven’t already.

Tracy, Mags, John, Tom & Steve