Club Results from Bath Field Fest – Sunday 15th April 2018

25 Apr

Some results have already appeared on Facebook but the results of the Field Fest hosted by Team Bath at Bath University on Sunday 15th April 2018 are now on Power of 10 and the performances of club athletes are listed below.

Name Event Position Distance/Height Category
Lily Bailey High Jump 6th 1.40 metres Under-15
Archie Hally High Jump 8th 1.30 metres PB Under-13
Andrea Manfroni Pole Vault 1st 3.00 metres PB SM
Simon Hammann Long Jump 2nd 6.49 metres SM
Christian Pestell Long Jump 3rd 6.06 metres Under-17
Andrea Jesudason Long Jump 9th 5.24 metres SW
Tia Jackson Long Jump 16th 4.81 metres Under-17
Sam Barrett Long Jump 18th 4.53 metres Under-23
Lily Bailey Long Jump 13th 4.38 metres PB Under-15
Maria Townsend Long Jump 27th 3.97 metres V35
Jack Joynson Triple Jump 1st 13.70 metres Under-23
Jake Parmenter Triple Jump 3rd 13.10 metres SM
Sam Boulton Shot Putt 2nd 11.00 metres Under-23
Alice Grosjean (HCA) Shot Putt 1st 10.50 metres SW
Libby Parker Shot Putt 2nd 9.78 metres Under-17
Sam Boulton Discus 2nd 37.16 metres Under-23
Andrew Thomas Discus 3rd 36.09 metres V45
Josh Schrijver Discus 2nd 32.25 metres PB Under-15
Alice Grosjean (HCA) Discus 2nd 38.58 metres SW
Niamh Boulton Hammer 3rd 36.01 metres Under-17
Andrea Manfroni Javelin 3rd 45.72 metres SM
Patrick Kyle Javelin 3rd 21.97 metres Under-15
Jess Lewis Javelin 7th 34.12 metres PB Under-15
Libby Parker Javelin 6th 21.16 metres Under-17
Anya Kerr Javelin ? 31.34 metres PB W35


Full results can be found at the following link: