Gwent League – Pontypool – Sunday 11th February 2017 – Young Athlete Round-Up

16 Feb

The full results from the Gwent League at Pontypool on Sunday 11th February 2018 are now available at the following link:

Some of the Team Managers have already produced written reports of their Team’s performances but here is a quick round-up of the Young Athlete results.

Under-11 Boys

The team are now ninth overall and are progressing well in an area that is new to the club but will be a great feeder for the under-13 team in years to come. Josh LEWIS finished fourth on Sunday and is now sixth overall.

Under-13 Boys

The team are now third on 1,029 points it would be a big ask to overhaul North Somerset who are currently 27 points clear and who scored the same number of points as our Under-13 Boys at Pontypool. However, they are well clear of the fourth team and must be looking for a team medal with Joe HULL in fifth place overall and Fred CUMMINS in tenth place overall leading the team.

Under-15 Boys

The Under-15 Boy’s Team is now 158 points clear overall having finished first team at Pontypool where individual results were:

  1. Rufus THOMAS 14:18
  2. Luke ILES 14:57
  3. Joe MEAD 15:35
  4. Cole EDMUNDS 15:38
  5. Jay AKBAR 16:05
  6. Aidan OSCROFT 16:08
  7. Daniel BEECH 16:20
  8. James CASLING 17:28
  9. Thomas BEECH 18:38

I am sure Dave Hart and Dave Bedwell will have the team ready for one last push at Blaise Castle and Emma Withers and Sue Marchant will ensure everyone turns out to secure team gold. Luke ILES is seventh overall with Fred HAWKER in ninth place overall.

Under-17 Men

Nathan MARCHANT (21st in 23:30) and Robert (29th in 25:02) were our two finishers at Pontypool and have been keeping the club flag flying in this group all winter.

Under-11 Girls

Ruby CLARIDGE (46th in 8:17) and Olivia TARR (53rd in 8:27) were the Club’s finishers in this age group. In another area of the League where the club is starting to build  a representation. Hopefully Ruby and Olivia will have more team mates at Blaise Castle.

Under-13 Girls  

The Under-13 Girls Team were clear winners in Pontypool and now stand fourth overall in the League after four races. Another team performance like this at Blaise Castle could see the team finish second overall and Paul Owen and his team must have an eye on this. Individual finishing positions at Pontypool were:

  1. Clementine HOLDEN 14:39
  2. Molly THOMAS 14:45
  3. Amy NICHOLLS 15:12
  4. Florence HARLEY 15:43
  5. Kathryn BEECH 17:17
  6. Poppy RADFORD 17:23

Under-15 Girls

Overall the Under-15 Girl’s Team finished second at Pontypool but were well behind Westbury Harriers, which reflects the relevant standings of the two clubs overall after four races. Individual performances at Pontypool were as follows:

  1. Claudia SPICE 16:34
  2. Danni SINCLAIR 16:53
  3. Grace CLARIDGE 18:18
  4. Jemima DUTTON 20:56

In the overall standings Danni SINCLAIR is fourth on 233 points just in front of Claudia SPICE on 233 points.

Well done to all our young athletes on a difficult day on a tough course – we hope you all support your teams to finish the job at the fifth and final race at Blaise Castle on Saturday 3rd March 2018.