Run Fest: The Series – Could You be an Inspirational Speaker?

12 Feb

Run Fest was conceived as a charity fundraiser By Michele Hurst as a fund raiser for her son’s Scout group. The inaugural event (held on Friday 2nd February 2018) had 140 attendees with 12 speakers across 2 stages! It was a fantastic event and confirmed to the organisers that runners love to talk and hear about running especially when the stories are as inspirational as the ones heard last week.

Responding to attendee feedback 97.4% have said they would like to attend more Run Fest events. Michele is proposing to curate Run Fest: The Series which will be a succession of events bringing together guest speakers to talk about mindset, nutrition, training plans, treatments and plenty of inspirational stories. The series will host three key speakers at each event and will allow time between each of the speakers to visit the trade stands and socialise with other runners (both of which are important to the attendees according to the feedback).

Currently Michele is  liaising with the venue (Westbury on Trym, Bristol) but is looking at hosting three events in April, June and September 2018.

Michele has contacted the running clubs in Bristol for two reasons:

To share the appeal for speakers with our club members to see if any of them are willing to share their stories, and

To ask clubs to either be present or have information about training available for people to peruse, to publicise the clubs and share what a fantastic running community Bristol offers.

If you are able to promote Bristol & West at an event please let Keith Brackstone know.

If you could be ‘an inspirational speaker’ then please contact Michele direct at