Bristol & West Athletic Club Enhances its Strength & Conditioning Facilities

30 Jan

After a significant lead time that was not without trials and tribulations the Club are pleased to announce that the new Strength & Conditioning Facility at Whitehall was completed today (Tuesday 30th January 2018). The club hopes that this facility will be well used and although initially sessions will be limited until Club Coaches can qualify through a new course that has still to be announced by England Athletics/UK Athletics our current S&C Coach James Tucker is qualified and insured to lead sessions – so if you are interested please approach James through your coach or through Keith Brackstone Adviser) or Jon Jackson (Young Athlete Development Adviser). This will not be the end of this Project and with sufficient use the club may well invest more resources into this facility.

The facility will be limited to Club Members initially and athletes using the facility will be charged £2 the same as the track fee: additional fees for James sessions may also be implemented.

The pictures below show the new facility and the front of the shed which has been cleared to allow additional S&C sessions.  Coaches who are not qualified to coach Olympic Weight Lifting Sessions will be able to take sessions here using light weights, dumbbells and medicine balls if they have the existing UK Athletics S&C Endorsement to their Coaches licence.

Olympic Lifting Frame
Benches and Dumbbells
Benches and Dumbbells – 2
Additional Weights


For more information please contact Keith Brackstone.