Doynton Half Marathon Sunday 21st January 2018

21 Jan

Jonny Suttle who is training with us now, was first at the Doynton Half Marathon with Maciej Bialogonski second in 1.35.13. All told eighteen Bristol & West athletes braved the weather!  Twelfth and third M40 was Paul Jefferson in 1.46.01, Henry Orna was seventeenth in 1.47, eighteenth ans seventh M40 was Malcolm Ritchie in 1.48.44, twenty-first and first Lady was Annabel Granger in 1.51.49 Tom Watkins was twenty-seventh in 1.53.46, 47 Jon Bennett 2.01.47, 76th and fourth W40 was Jane Colman in 2.08.10, 86 Darren Stringer 2.10.18, 98 Geoff Partridge (M40) 2.12.07, 108 Paul Taylor Morris 2.14.12, 153 and fifth W50 Maggie Salter 2.23.53, 176 and twelfth Senior Lady was Laura Orna in 2.28.31, 207 and thirteenth Senior Lady was Liz Hill 2.35.29, 265 Brendon Lewis (M40) 2.49.08, 304 and eleventh W50 was Karen Watson in 2.54.40, 317th was Helen Clarke (W40) in 2.58.05, Martha Phillips was  360th in 3.16.26. 398 people finished