parkrun Report Monday 25th December 2017 (Also known as Christmas Day)

26 Dec

Christmas Day offers runners an extra opportunity on a day other than the normal Saturday. Not all parkruns stage a run but there is normally an event within a reasonable distance. On Christmas Day this year two local events were held at Pomphrey Hill and Wotton-under-Edge.

The only PB was achieved by Fred HAWKER at Pomphrey Hill, with a time of 19:47, an improvement of ninety-six seconds. There were two first places; Nicola OLDROYD was the first female at Bradford in 22:22 and Maciej BIALOGONSKI was the first finisher at Pomphrey Hill in 17:16.

One milestone run was spotted in the results; Helen CLARK completed her fiftieth run at Pomphrey Hill.

Steve Grant, not one to give in, after his frustrated attempt to do a parkrun on Saturday, stayed in Manchester and reports as follows:

Christmas Day at South Manchester parkrun (Platt Fields Park, Fallowfield) was the Santa fest you would expect with 379 runners turning up. 

The course is a single flat ‘lap’ around wide tarmac and dirt paths.  The course briefing was a classic – “It’s a very complicated route and looks like a plate of spaghetti on the course map so just follow the marshals’ directions”.

It was complicated, but it’s never as bad when you’re running a course, but I reckon it would take a few runs to be confident of knowing the right way. The turns were all pretty generous and the course was very well marshalled.  The advantage of the course is that at no point would anyone be getting lapped and the two short contra-flows came up at particularly wide areas.

Given all that it’s still a pleasant enough course with decent facilities.  The course starts by following the lake part way round before heading off round the perimeter of the park on grass and back towards the play area, over the tree lined river, round, back, over there, back to here etc.  The glory finish is by the lake again to finish a little beyond where you started but heading in the opposite direction.  With a bit of familiarity, it would be a good course to think of in sections but first-time round it was a bit difficult to work out quite how far through you were and if you keep going you always get to the end eventually.

Of the four South Manchester Parkruns I’ve done this again offers something different much as our four ‘home’ ones do.


The detailed results are below:

Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Run Time    
Cardiff parkrun
A total of 624 runners took part.
16 16 Andrew DEAN-YOUNG 00:18:03  
South Manchester parkrun
A total of 379 runners took part.
17 16 Steven GRANT 00:19:33 2nd VM50-54.
Forest of Dean parkrun
A total of 158 runners took part.
11 11 Michael CHANDLER 00:21:32  
Plymvalley parkrun
A total of 159 runners took part.
41 5 Jenny ANDERSON 00:25:24 1st SW25-29.
Torbay Velopark parkrun
A total of 189 runners took part.
7 7 Brad PONTIN 00:18:16  
Bradford parkrun
A total of 304 runners took part.
23 1 Nicola OLDROYD 00:22:22 1st female. 1st SW20-24.
Worcester parkrun
A total of 499 runners took part.
94 84 Jonathan BENNETT 00:24:30  
Wanstead Flats parkrun
A total of 182 runners took part.
3 3 Joshua HABGOOD-COOTE 00:17:40  
Winchester parkrun
A total of 229 runners took part.
125 33 Susan CAMPBELL 00:30:11 2nd VW55-59.
Hilly Fields parkrun
A total of 151 runners took part.
32 4 Naomi AYLWIN 00:22:48 1st SW25-29.
Wotton parkrun
A total of 150 runners took part.
3 3 Andrew MALLOY 00:19:49 1st VM45-49.
9 9 David ENGLEDEW 00:20:58 1st VM55-59.
10 10 Gordon EVERETT 00:21:00 1st VM40-44.
11 11 Michael HORDON 00:21:10  
12 12 Jonathan GOODLAND 00:21:12 1st VM60-64.
25 3 Alison ENGLEDEW 00:23:44 1st VW55-59.
29 4 Marie MALLOY 00:24:03 1st SW30-34.
46 7 Isobel MEDCROFT 00:25:46 1st SW20-24.
117 46 Michelle EDGELL 00:32:19  
Cheltenham parkrun
A total of 401 runners took part.
171 42 Rebecca COURTENAY 00:26:57  
Preston Park parkrun, Brighton
A total of 444 runners took part.
7 7 Daniel TITHERADGE 00:17:42 2nd SM25-29.
Longrun Meadow parkrun
A total of 361 runners took part.
12 12 Iain LARGE 00:19:42  
61 5 Hannah WALSH 00:23:15 1st SW25-29.
122 100 Roger BROCKLESBY 00:26:21  
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 388 runners took part.
1 1 Maciej BIALOGONSKI 00:17:16 1st overall. 1st SM30-34.
10 10 David BRUCE 00:19:36 2nd SM30-34.
11 11 Fred HAWKER 00:19:47 PB by 96 seconds.

2nd JM11-14.

38 37 Daniel MORGAN 00:22:29  
49 47 Stuart PRESNELL 00:23:02  
50 48 Darren STRINGER 00:23:03  
65 3 Alice DOGGRELL 00:23:52 1st VW35-39.
71 65 Graham CRUMP 00:24:33  
93 86 Nick WHITE 00:25:19  
119 11 Karen WATSON 00:26:25 1st VW50-54.
227 60 Helen CLARK 00:30:28 50th run.
245 177 Brendon WILSON 00:31:19  
Kesgrave parkrun
A total of 228 runners took part.
15 14 Daryl PHILLIPS 00:19:19  
118 20 Martha PHILLIPS 00:28:25 2nd SW25-29.