Long Journey Does Not Deter Ali’s Army

05 Dec

My suggestion that to be the best may involve a fair amount of time and travel seemed to pay off as 17 boys travelled to Pembrey sands to take on the Welsh teams. Such is the commitment that three boys arranged to be in Wales the night before in order to arrive in good time.

The Under-11 team consisted of five athletes including Ben French and Morgan Candy who are recent recruits to the squad and proudly wore their new vests.

As expected the team was lead in by Josh Lewis (11) who had another strong run despite feeling a bit under the weather.

Ronnie  Wilmot (41), Ben French (51),  Rio Dutton (52) and Morgan Candy (60) all ran with great conviction in, as usual, a very competitive race.

Under-11 Team at Pembrey Park

The Under-13 team consisted of twelve very capable athletes and I knew it would be impossible to predict the finishing order such is their fantastic attitude to racing.

My pre-race advice to live dangerously and go out from the start with confidence certainly paid off on this occasion resulting in our best team result so far this season.

The A team was lead in by Joseph Hull (7) who ran a very brave race from the front and this in turn paid off as Tomek Czerepinski (9) followed in hot pursuit in his first ever Gwent league.

Never far behind Eoin O’Halloran (12)  proved what a great talent he is with great determination to be in that first team. A little further behind a real battle was developing between Fred Cummins (20) who closed in the A team and Ishmael Bradley (22) who along with Fred ran one of their  best races to date.

Such is the high standard of this squad that there was fantastic back-up from Misha Evans (23), Jay Hunt (25) and Amos Kingston (32) who was captain on the day. This completed a very useful B team.

Not many clubs had the honour of a full C team so Will Chapman (44) who intends to improve next time, Luki ffrench (50) who found it hard to part with his woolly hat at the start, Alex Robertson (59) who is now running with much more confidence, along with our very loyal member of the team Henry Godfree (68) ensured we had a full complement at the finish.

Under-13 Team at Pembrey Park

So I await the results with interest and hopefully we will enter the New Year in a good position to attack the next fixture at Pontypool with gusto.

Ali Hurford – Team Manager