National Road Relays Sutton Park – Saturday 7th October 2017

09 Oct

The best performance of the day was the Senior Men’s fifth place which came after a strong challenge for a medal well into the second half of the race. Jack MILLAR produced the stand-out run of his career to date as he clocked 17.39 for eleventh place on the usual competitive first leg. That great leg paved the  way for Tom MERSON to pass seven clubs as his time of 17.49 saw the club up into fourth place. Jarlath MCKENNA then clocked a solid 18.04 to finish seventh with the club still well in the hunt. On leg four Dan STUDLEY pulled through to second place with a 17.41 clocking with Maciej BIALOGONSKI with a job on his hands on leg 5. Maciej clocked 18.58 as Tonbridge, Lincoln Wellington, Aldershot and finally Liverpool Harriers passed him. It was a real baptism of fire for his debut in a National Championship ‘A’ team. On leg 6 Steve MITCHELL pulled back the Liverpool Harrier but with Tonbridge, Lincoln and Aldershot in a race for the top three English places it was never likely that he would reel any of them in as Swansea Harriers secured an emphatic win. Steve clocked 17.48 to leave Jack MILLAR as our fastest leg of the day.

The ‘B’ team saw Josh MOODY lead the team out in forty-eighth place in 18.42. On leg 2 Miles CHANDLER clocked 18.46 to lift the team into forty-third place. Rob STEWART clocked 19.42 as he finished forty-seventh. Phil RADFORD had a great run on fourth leg; his 18.39 saw him catch 12 to come home in thirty-fifth place. Ross GRAINGER then ran 20.53 to come home in forty-ninth place but, despite the best efforts of Chris Elson and Mike Down, there was no-one for him to hand over to.

Earlier the Senior Ladies had finished thirty-fifth. Natalie GRIFFITHS clocked 15.47 on the first leg to show she is recovering from a recent knee niggle. On leg 2 Ellen HARRISON ran 16.34 to finish thirty-eighth. On Leg 3 Daisy MUMMERY ran 17.06 as she finished fortieth before Imogen PECK clocked 16.53 on the last leg to bring the team home in thirty-fifth place.

The morning saw the under-13, under-15 and under-17 boys in action.


The A team finished thirty-seventh with Ishmael and Fred making steady progress through the field after Joe HULL brought them home in fifty-second place on the first leg.

52 Joe HULL 15.16

43 Ishmael BRADLEY 15.22

37 Fred CUMMINS 15.07

Misha EVANS led the B team off with Ciaran HERNIMAN and Luca ALISON gaining places on legs 2 and 3.

59 Misha EVANS 15.39

55 Ciaran HERNIMAN 16.31

54 Luca ALISON 16.47

The C Team finished sixty-seventh and enjoyed the experience despite remaining towards the back of the field.


65 Amos KINGSTON 17.07

67 Henry GODFREE 20.59


The A team finished thirty-fifth with Fred HAWKER giving the team a very solid start.

28 Fred HAWKER 13.34

37 Beck HARDING HILL 14.34

35 Luke ILES 13.58

The B Team worked their way up to finish fifty-second.

71Joe MEAD 14.39

65 Cole EDMOND 15.05

53 Jay AKBAR 14.15

The C Team finished seventy-fourth.

76 James CASLING 15.04

84 Tom BEECH 18.10

74 Otto KINGSTON 16.15

The D Team were incomplete with Harry LLOYD HUGHES finishing ninety-second in 17.04 with Jacob ROE gaining seven places as he finished eighty-fifth in 16.22.


The Under-17 Men’s Team finished fifty-fourth with the following individual performances:

52 Stan HARDING HILL 13.24

58 Flynn BAKER 14.58

54 Robert KIEKUTH 15.17

Full results of all races can be found at: