Wells City Harriers First Past the Post as Club Wins Everything Else

28 Aug

A young team from Wells City Harriers were the first team in the Road Relays held from Cleeve Cricket Club on a beautifully warm Bank Holiday Sunday on 27th August 2017. However behind them it was the red and white of Bristol all the way.

The second team home was the Club’s ‘A’ team (David Awde, Berihu Hadera, Andy Cooke, Otis Mondir) who took the Avon title from the Club’s ‘B’ Team (Henry Sly, Phil Radford, Ciaran McQuade and Jack Millar). The Men also took the V40, V50 and V60 category teams and also the fastest lap times in the V50 and V60 age groups (Phil Parry and Dave Bedwell respectively).

Individual Lap times were (with overall fastest lap position in brackets):

Jack Millar 15:53 (2)

Berihu Hadera 16:14 (4)

David Awde 16:49 (7)

Phil Radford 16:58 (8)

Otis Mondir 17:06 (9)

Andy Cooke 17:12 (10)

Phil Parry 17:13 (12)

Henry Sly 17:14 (13)

Ciaran McQuade 17:21 (14)

Mark Edwards 17:23 (15)

Steve Goss 17:46 (21)

Daniel Titheradge 18:10 (24)

Tony Roper 18:25 (26)

Brad Pontin 18:38 (27)

Jon Bennett 18:44 (28)

Daryl Phillips 18:50 (31)

Bill Hull 19:03 (35)

Ben Holding 19:14 (39)

Miles Pearce 19:19 (40)

Dave Bedwell 19:27 (41)

Peter Wang 19:45 (43=)

Steve Grant 19:58 (46)

Peter Clark 20:00 (47)

Mark Scrutton 20:13 (49)

Dan Morgan 20:17 (50)

Bruce Sellers 20:21 (53)

Peter England 20:44 (57)

Chris Wilton 22:25 (62)

Chris Pearce 23:23 (63)

Tom Burgess 23:30 (64)

Dave Hart 26:22 (66)

Martin Yallop 3103 (67)

The Ladies were equally as dominant with our ladies recording five of the seven fastest lap times as they won the ladies race (Imogen Peck, Julia Belyavin and Naomi Aylwin) and the F35 category (Sarah Everitt, Diana Budureanu and Rosey Mushens) with the F35 team finishing second in the ladies race. Special mention must go to Tanya Chowdhury who ran the second and third legs without a break and Anna Ford who on her club debut ran 21:54 for ninth fastest stage in the ladies race.

The ladies times were:

Imogen Peck 19:43 (1)

Sarah Everitt 20:19 (2)

Julia Belyavin 20:43 (4)

Naomi Aylwin 21:22 (6)

Rosey Mushens 21:51 (7)

Anna Ford 21:54 (9)

Tanya Chowdhury 22:40 (12)

Diana Budureanu 23:29 (15)

Tanya Chowdhury 23:48 (17)

The winning F35 Ladies team:

Winning Ladies F35 Team

Our thanks to Team Managers Mike Down, Chris Elson, Steve Grant and Keith Brackstone and to the race organisers for putting on another great race – they deserve to be better supported than they currently are and we hope that next year will see a stronger entry from other clubs.  The date is set for Sunday 26th August 2018 – August Bank Holiday Sunday as usual.

Full provisional results are below: