parkrun Report – Saturday 5th August 2017

06 Aug

Cornwall, Northern Ireland, Middlesbrough and Norfolk were among the parkrun locations visited by Club members this week.

In Cornwall Claire SHINE ran at Trelissick, completing the course in 27:08 and was first VW45-49. Thanks to Claire for the following notes on this relatively new parkrun course.

Staying in Polzeath, Cornwall and decided against Lanhydrock parkrun – purely because I’ve done it before, absolutely nothing to do with the hideous hill…. Decided to try Trelissick parkrun set in the beautiful grounds of the National Trust owned Trelissick House. 

It’s the first parkrun I’ve done where after the pre-run brief runners are escorted for 500 metres through the grounds to the run start – this is because parkrun has special permission from National Trust for runners to walk through the grounds without paying the usual admission cost.

The run itself is very pretty following a woodland trail alongside the River Fal with a water jump thrown in (apparently the idea is to stand on the carefully placed stone not in the water…) as you cross a tributary of the river.

It is an out and back course with a loop round a field before heading back along the woodland trail. What it fails to mention in the course description is the out part through the field is up the side of a mountain (or at least that’s what it felt like to me) – and yes, I am talking steeper and longer than Pomphrey, although at least you only do it once!

The run then finishes with about 800m of steady uphill finishing 100m past the start.  All that’s left then is the challenge of finding the way back to the car!  All in all, a very enjoyable course!

Ciaran MCQUADE was the first finisher at Citypark parkrun, Craigavon in 17:35, a run that earns him the Performance of the Week accolade. At Stewart parkrun in Middlesbrough, Lesley Evans had a time of 25:45. Bill and Joseph HULL ran at Holkham in Norfolk and recording times of 19:25 and 20:49 respectively.

At Ashton Court, David AWDE was the second finisher in 17:27, and Alice DOGGRELL was the first female in 21:22. There were two PBs on the hill from Christine ROSE in 25:46, a twenty-three second improvement; and from Poppy-Jane RADFORD with a time of 26:26, an improvement of sixteen seconds.

Julia PFLAUM was the first female at Chipping Sodbury in 19:47, a PB by two seconds. David BRUCE and Helen NEWBERRY were the first male and first female at Chipping Sodbury in times of 17:11 and 18:25 respectively. Helen’s time was a PB by seven seconds. Rosey MUSHENS was the third female in 21:32. Matt BATTENSBY was the second finisher at Bath Skyline in 17:28, a one second improvement on his previous best.

Club members, including Karen WATSON and Bob COX visited the new course at Caldicot on the Gwent Levels, sandwiched between the M4 and the main London – South Wales railway line. This is a two lap out and back course on tarmac and very flat, so ideal for good times. The title is misleading because the start/finish is at Rogiet, close to Severn Tunnel Junction Station. The parkrun website shows it as being only 11.2 miles from Ashton Court, presumably measured by a willing cod or friendly seagull.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Cardiff parkrun
150 139 Graham  CRUMP 00:23:05
Harrow parkrun
2 2 Peter GANDON 00:18:17 1st SM30-34.
Ashton Court parkrun
2 2 David AWDE 00:17:27 2nd overall. 1st SM30-34.
30 30 Andrew MALLOY 00:20:45
35 35 Dan SCHOFIELD 00:21:00
46 1 Alice DOGGRELL 00:21:22 1st VW35-39.
54 53 David ENGLEDEW 00:21:51 1st VM55-59.
56 55 Daniel MORGAN 00:21:53
61 60 Stuart PRESNELL 00:22:02
90 7 Tanya CHOWDHURY 00:22:56 1st VW40-44.
107 9 Alison ENGLEDEW 00:23:27 1st VW55-59.
119 11 Latife COMLEK 00:23:57 1st VW50-54.
156 17 Liz HILL 00:25:18
173 22 Christine ROSE 00:25:46 PB by 23 seconds. 1st VW50-54.
194 31 Poppy-Jane RADFORD 00:26:26 PB by 16 seconds. 2nd JW11-14.
282 217 Brendon WILSON 00:29:14
303 74 Jane COLMAN 00:29:59
349 105 Susan CAMPBELL 00:32:06
427 154 Marie MALLOY 00:41:18
439 163 Francesca KNAPPER 00:48:42
Cecilia BROWNE
Trelissick parkrun
64 14 Claire SHINE 00:27:08 1st VW45-49.
Bath Skyline parkrun
2 2 Matthew BATTENSBY 00:17:28 PB by 1 second. 2nd overall. 1st SM30-34.
Caldicot parkrun
12 11 Bob COX 00:21:49 1st VM60-64.
29 3 Karen WATSON 00:24:43 1st VW50-54.
38 34 Roger BROCKLESBY 00:25:47 2nd VM60-64.
Citypark parkrun, Craigavon
1 1 Ciaran MCQUADE 00:17:35 PB by 89 seconds. 1st overall. 1st VM35-39.
Stewart parkrun, Middlesbrough
77 12 Lesley EVANS 00:25:45
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
11 1 Julia PFLAUM 00:19:47 PB by 2 seconds. 1st VW35-39.
12 11 Jonathan GOODLAND 00:19:52 1st VM60-64.
131 110 Robert COLMAN 00:26:29
168 139 Nick WHITE 00:28:29
206 44 Martha WHEELER 00:30:08
207 163 Daryl PHILLIPS 00:30:13
Seaton parkrun
11 11 Kevin FAHEY 00:20:59 2nd VM55-59.
Yeovil Montacute parkrun
83 11 Anna FORD 00:25:16
Longrun Meadow parkrun
7 7 Gary STANDINGER 00:18:13 1st SM30-34.
17 17 Miles PEARCE 00:19:23 2nd VM50-54.
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
1 1 David BRUCE 00:17:11 1st overall. 1st SM30-34.
4 1 Helen NEWBERRY 00:18:25 PB by 7 seconds. 1st female. 1st SW30-34.
17 15 Jay AKBAR 00:20:12 2nd JM11-14.
20 18 Lewis ADAMSON 00:20:24
23 21 Geoff PARTRIDGE 00:21:03
30 28 Matt BURDEN 00:21:29
32 3 Rosey MUSHENS 00:21:32 1st VW50-54.
69 63 Darren STRINGER 00:24:08
129 108 Barry MILLS 00:27:13
134 112 Dave HORNE 00:27:33
180 141 Ethan PATTEN 00:29:51
181 40 Sabrina PATTEN 00:29:54
186 43 Katherine ADAMS 00:30:09 1st SW20-24.
Holkham parkrun
3 3 Bill HULL 00:19:25 1st VM45-49.
16 16 Joseph HULL 00:20:49