Open Meeting – Tuesday 23rd May 2017

24 May

The Final results from Tuesday night’s Open Meeting at Kip Keino Athletic Stadium are available below. Apologies that they have taken us longer than usual to produce them but we were using a new electronic timing provider plus we were also hosting the Avon County Championships for Under-15 and Under-13 Boys and Girls which added a further level of complexity. There were lots of PBs and, as always, the 800 metre races were very popular. On the subject of 800 metres Lily Bailey was shown as winning the County under-13 girls race – Lily was allocated number 749 but apparently wasn’t there on Tuesday so if you were issued that number by mistake please let us know and we will amend the results.

A plea to those who come to our Open Meetings – they are organised with athletes in mind – so we do not ask you to pre-enter but this does make it challenging to organise the seeding of races on the night. Athletes must be at the start at the time they are told seeding will take place (usually 15 minutes prior to the published race start time) and stay there until they have been seeded (on Tuesday night three girls went to the toilet part way through the 800 metre seeding process and came back right at the end!!)

It was great to see so many club members out taking advantage of the good conditions and the 24 runners in the 3,000 metres was a good test for our night of fast 5,000s on Saturday 22nd July when we plan to have 8 races with 25 in each over 5,000 metres.

The latest results are as follows: