UK Women’s League – Southampton – Saturday 6th May 2017

07 May

The club finished eighth of eight teams at Southampton and now needs really strong performances in the remaining two fixtures to secure its position in Division One for 2018. There were some great individual performances but overall late withdrawals cost the team dearly. There were lots of PBs which is really encouraging and the sprinters and horizontal jumpers performed well.

Hannah WILLIAMS finished third in the ‘A’ 100 metres in 11.88, with Bethan WAKEFIELD second in the ‘B’ string in 11.97. Yvette WESTWOOD won the non-scoring race in 12.21 before finishing fourth in the ‘A’ 200 metres in 24.87. Bethan finished third in the ‘B’ string in 25.52.

In the 400 metres we had no specialist runners and it was good of Natasha LEWIS to step down and run 61.73 for seventh in the ‘A’ race. Ellen HARRISON stepped down even further to finish seventh in the ‘B’ race in 69.66. Natasha had earlier finished fourth in the 800 metres in 2:17.2 having taken the race out early on. Ellen HARRISON and Julia BELYAVIN stepped into the team on Friday  and ran the 1,500 metres with Ellen finishing seventh in the ‘A’ race in 5:12.0 with Julia fifth in the ‘B’ race in 5:30.9. Julia also ran the 3,000 metres where she finished seventh in 11:13.6.

The stand-out performance of the afternoon was Charlotte TAYLOR-GREEN who ran a PB in the 2k chase and also took the league record with 6:34.12 (which will top the UK rankings once Power of 10 catches up).

Hannah JACKSON finished third in the ‘A’ string 100 metres hurdles in 14.81 with Hattie DENT fifth in 16.4 in the ‘B’ string. Hattie also finished seventh in the ‘A’ 400 metres in 69.05.

There was a great win by the 4 x 100 metre team with Hannah WILLIAMS on the lead out leg, Bethan WAKEFIELD on leg 2, Hannah JACKSON on Leg 3 and Yvette WESTWOOD on anchor. The ladies also finished fourth in the 4 x 400 metres with Natasha LEWIS running 61.2, Hattie DENT 64.2, Charlotte TAYLOR-GREEN 60.1 and Hannah JACKSON 64.1.

Bobbie-Louise Gannon threw a PB in the hammer to finish sixth in the ‘A’ string with 34 metres 56 centimetres and Alice GROSJEAN placed third in the ‘A’ string discus with a best throw of 41:78. In the Javelin Anyha KERR threw 31:08 to finish fifth. Unfortunately non-appearances meant we had no B string throwers except in the shot where Alice finished sixth with a best putt of 10 metres 67 centimetres in the ‘A’ string and Bobbie-Louise finished seventh in the ‘B’ string with 9 metres 18 centimetres.

Andrea Jesudason and Sam Barrett both jumped PBs in both the long jump and triple jump. Andrea was fifth in the ‘A’ string long jump with a best jump of 5 metres 64 centimetres. Sam jumped 5 metres 44 centimetres for second in the ‘B’ string. In the triple jump Andrea jumped 11 metres 33 centimetres for fourth in the ‘A’ string and Sam 11 metres 27 centimetres to win the ‘B’ string by just one centimetre.

With no high jumpers and our only vaulter no heighting the vertical jumps were a disaster area; especially for Claudia LAVENDER who made the journey from London by train to find the competition being run as a single pool, which meant she had to join the competition part way through without a warm-up and above her normal opening height.

The provisional results are below