Clifton Suspension Bridge – Running on the Footway

04 May

As you may be aware, we are carrying out work on the bridge which restricts access for pedestrians and runners to one foot way.

I am aware that the route across the bridge is well-used by runners. I have received a number of complaints that some pedestrians, some of which are quite elderly and unsteady on their feet, have been jostled or knocked by runners on the bridge.

Therefore, can I please request that when it is busy can you walk over the bridge and walk past pedestrians. The majority of pedestrians are there to enjoy the view and they may not be aware of runners behind them. Please can I ask that you are considerate to all foot way users – the bridge is a wonderful place to walk over, so please do not spoil the experience.

I know the majority of runners show respect to fellow pedestrians and so apologies for this letter if you are one such person.

Please can you pass this request on to fellow runners.

Yours sincerely,
Trish Johnson