London Marathon Results – Sunday 23rd April 2017

23 Apr

The London Marathon results show that Jenny SPINK ran 2 hours 38 minutes 11 seconds to finish twenty-second in the Women’s Elite race.

Jarlath McKENNA was the first male club finisher in 2 hours 24 minutes 29 seconds (having passed half-way in 69:59) for twenty-third place in the Men’s club race.

Maciej BIALOGONSKI clocked 2:31:17 for 75th place in the Men’s club race.

Graham BREEN clocked 2:37:44 for 222nd in the race and 28th in the Vet 40 category.

Tom EDWARDS clocked 2:39:00 for 278th in the race and 225 in the Senior Men category.

John ROONEY clocked 2:46:46 for 635th and 444th Vet 40.

Ciaran MCQUADE clocked 2:48:11 for 707th place and 489th Vet 40.

Julia BELYAVIN clocked 2:55:53 for 1,331st in the race and fortieth in the ladies race.

Oliver SKITTERY clocked 2:57:32 for 1,504th in the race and 904th in the Senior Men’s race.

Colin TRAER clocked 3:02:51 for 2,212nd in the race and 1,222nd in the Senior Men’s category.

Paul JEFFERSON clocked 3:03:05 in 2,139th place in the Men’s race.

Daryl PHILLIPS clocked 3:06:29 for 2,586th place and 2,464th in his category.

Imogen PECK clocked 3:07:45 in 2,733rd place and 138th Lady finisher.

Dave ENGLEDEW clocked 3:09:26 in 2,961st place and 52nd in the M55 category.

Anthony HALL clocked 3:15:42 in 3,915th place and 1,774th in the Senior Men category.

Alan WILCOX clocked 3:16:37 in 3,720th place in the Men’s race.

Anna PEARCE clocked 3:24:40 in 5,281st place and 596th Lady finisher.

Tracy ALLAN clocked 3:25:03 in 5,352nd place for 611th Lady and tenth in her age category (F55).

Jane COLMAN clocked 3:28:24 for 762nd Lady and 87th in her category.

Alice DOGGRELL clocked 3:31:19 for 6,549th finisher and 918th lady.

Mary GASTON clocked 3:33:29 for 6,916th finisher and 631st in her category (Senior women).

Paul NOYCE clocked 3:59:20 for 13,149th finisher and 4,809th Senior Man.

Isobel MEDCROFT clocked 4:21:56 for 18,508th finisher and 2,743rd in the Senior Women’s category.

Karen WATSON clocked 4:29:10 for 20,406th finisher and 517th in her category (F50).

Brendon WILSON clocked 4:38:07 for 22,638th finisher and 2,411st in the M40 category.

Michelle EDGELL clocked 5:01:21 for 28,178th in the race, 9,216th in the Ladies race and 1,177th in her category.

Martha WHEELER clocked 5:12:02 for 30,150th finisher and 5,760th in the Senior Women’s category.

Peter Le GRICE dropped out after 20k having passed that point in 65:13.