Weston Prom Run Team Update after 7 of 9 Races

04 Apr

The Weston Prom Run is a nine race series running from September to May.  The team results are published occasionally and the update after seven races has just been released.

We have two Ladies teams with our A team sitting second behind a strong GWR team by around 300 points in a total of 3,200.  Turnout is critical in these team matches but we are within catching distance if GWR don’t get full teams out.  Our B team is positioned 10th out of 12 teams, very much in the mix of the B team competition.

Our Senior Men’s team has had patchy turnout throughout the winter and is in the middle of the pack in 8th out of 13 teams.

We had high hopes for our top Men’s vet team and despite a low turnout in the March race, we are still second behind Clevedon with the possibility of catching them over the last two races.  Our Vets B team is doing us proud by manfully holding up the table without a creak or a groan.

The table of results is available at: http://www.westonac.co.uk/results/2017/Overall%20Team%20standings%20March%20Prom%20Series%202016-2017.pdf