Midland Road Relays – 25th March 2017 – Absolute Triumph for the Club

26 Mar

A bright and sunny Sutton Park was the perfect setting for some amazing performances by the club. Although the Men’s race starts first it is the Ladies Race which finishes first and the Ladies did the club proud  finishing second and eighth out of over 60 teams. Birchfield Harriers were absolutely scintillating but the silver medals for the ‘A’ team were fantastic with some great individual legs, especially from Rebecca AWDE who got the team off to a brilliant start, Polly AINSLIE caught up one place on the second leg. Olympian Claire HALLISSEY lifted the club into the bronze medal position with a strong third leg before Olivia SADLER took the team into the runners-up slot. Claire JOLLIFFE with a run on her own held second before Natalie GRIFFITHS wrapped second up with a splendid run in isolation on the last leg Individual results were as follows:

2   Bristol & West AC ‘A’  2:24:07

Rebecca Awde     (7) 33:23

Polly Ainsley    (6) 19:51

Claire Hallissey (3) 32:14

Olivia Sadler    (2) 19:26

Clare Jolliffe   (2) 19:50

Natalie Griffith (2) 19:23

As with the ‘A’ Team the ‘B’ team got a very good start through Ellen HARRISON who brought the team home in nineteenth place and from then on the team kept moving through the field. On Leg 2 Alexa PARKER caught four teams to finish fifteenth; Florence EMOND caught another four places as she lifted the team to eleventh after Leg 3. Helen NEWBERRY returned to competition with a very strong run that lifted the team to ninth at the end of Leg 4. Daisy MUMMERY maintained ninth place on Leg 5 before Nicola OLDROYD lifted the team into a well deserved eighth place on the last leg.

8   Bristol & West AC ‘B’  2:34:10

Ellen Harrison   (19) 35:51

Alexa Parker     (15) 20:41

Florence Emond   (11) 35:42

Helen Newberry   (9) 19:31

Daisy Mummery    (9) 20:33

Nicola Oldroyd   (8) 21:52

A and B Teams and Team Manager

The Men set a course record in first place and the B team finished first B team in ninth place out of over 60 teams. Steve MITCHELL clocked the second fastest long leg of the day.

1  Bristol & West AC  ‘A’  3:54:50

Jack Bancroft    (2) 27:13

Richard Peters   (1) 26:24

Jarlath Mckenna  (1) 26:55

Stephen Mitchell (1) 26:21

Josh Moody       (1) 16:18

Luke Grenfell-Shaw (2) 16:13

Benedict Westhenry (1) 15:41

Tom Merson       (1) 16:07

Luke Evans       (1) 15:52

Adam Speake      (1) 16:17

Jack Millar      (1) 15:57

Owain Jones      (1) 15:32

Men’s A Team

9  Bristol & West AC  ‘B’  4:21:10

Maciej Bialogonski (13) 28:38

Sam Tabberner    (11) 29:47

Phil Radford     (11) 29:23

Peter Bains      (12) 31:14

David Awde       (11) 16:31

Philip Parry     (9) 17:34

Henry Sly        (10) 18:09

Scott Watkins    (10) 18:02

Miles Chandler   (6) 16:20

William Christofi (7) 18:19

Robert Stewart   (10) 20:01

Will Davidson    (10) 17:12