Avon Schools Sportshall Athletic Championships

17 Jan
The Avon Schools Sportshall Athletic Championships take place at Bristol Grammar School on Saturday 28th January.
This is an excellent competing opportunity for members who are in school years 7 to 10. Many club members have gained
enjoyable experience both at BGS and subsequently competing at the South West Regional and National Championships.
Check out the event programme and  be there.

Club Officials, Coaches and parents have supported this event excellently over many years. Dave Turner will be pleased to receive more offers of
help for the 28th. Do let Dave know and he will get back to you some time after the 22nd.
Hilary Nash is the team manager for the under 15 teams which will be selected from the best of the year 9 and 10 competitors. Jess Frazer was
a top team member last year and will be at BGS. With a little bit of luck could be the South West Champion this year having been 3rd= in 2016