Two Vacancies Available on South-West England Athletics Council

23 Dec

Dear Secretary,

Regional Council Elections – 2017

Vacancies in the various councils are detailed in the table below. Following election, a Regional Councillor is elected for a period of four years. A Regional Councillor can serve a maximum of two four year terms.

Regional Councils play an important role in the development of our sport. They exist to ensure the views and expertise of people across the sport can be fed into the work of the region and in-turn the National Council and the Board Directors of England Athletics. Most importantly they allow clubs and members to have a voice in how the sport is run.

The National Council includes the nine Regional Council Chairs. The chair of each Regional Council is elected by the members of that Council. Two members of National Council, one of whom is the National Council Chair, sit on the Board of Directors of England Athletics.

A fuller note on the work of Regional Councils is attached. But they are both a vital part of the linkage between the sport as it takes place at every training session, competition and committee meeting and the England Athletics Board, and to represent the interests of the region itself.

If you know of someone who is passionate about our sport and who has the drive and commitment to make a difference, then please nominate them for a place on your Regional Council, subject of course to their willingness to stand for election. The nomination form can be downloaded via The important deadlines for you to note with regards to this year’s elections are:

  • Nominations close 13th February 2017
  • Voting will close 20 March 2017 in all regions where the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies.

If you would like further information on the election process, please contact Lynette Smith at England Athletics’ Membership Services at For more information on your Regional Council please contact your Regional Council Chair who will be happy to discuss the role of Regional Councilor with you. For more details see

Yours sincerely,


Tony Shiret
Chair, England Athletics National Council