Gwent League – Early Senior Results from Brecon – Saturday 12th November 2016

13 Nov
Early senior finishing positions in yesterday’s Gwent League courtesy of Chris Elson:
Helen Sharpe (W35) 4th, Fiona Marks 7th, Julia Belyavin (W35) 9th, Ann Duran Mingo 29, Alexa Parker 35, Alice Doggrell (W35) 39, Ruth Tredgett 46, Emma Joliffe 47, Antonia Gooder (W50) 62, Emma Withers (W45) 120, Lesley Evans (W45) 121, Helen Clarke (W45) 127, Christine Burren (W50) 136.
The Women’s individual results are now available at
a good team performance sees them in the lead in the Women’s competition by 167 points with detailed results at the following link:
The ‘B’ team also have a comfortable lead.
Jarlath McKenna 5th, Ben Robinson 9th, Robbie Stewart 28th, Gary Standinger, 46th, Henry Sly (M35) 50, Andy Malloy (M40) 67, Matt Robinson (M50) 68, Leion Grogan (M35) 101,  Nathan Hemingsbrough 109, Dave Bedwell (M60) 127, Andy Dunn (M35) 147, Daryl Beggs 186, Steve Grant (M50) 188.
The Men’s individual results are now available at
as a result the Men’s Team finished fifth at Brecon and are fourth overall just five points behind Swansea Harriers and 73 behind the Micky Morris Racing Team (who are actually in Division 2) with details at the following link:
With three races still to come and at least one in Bristol there is still time to climb up the leader board. The ‘B’ team are currently in the lead of their Division after two races by 28 points.