Gwent League Fixture Number One in the typically sunny area of Wales – Bridgend

18 Oct

Novice Girls: Sadly we had none at the first fixture this year, though I am hopeful we have a few in the pipeline to come along for the remainder of the season.

Under-13 Girls: Cracking turnout – we had nine runners in this race with all the girls running well (in my opinion) Grace ASHURST 9th and Alice BRIDGER MORALES 13th both looked strong throughout the race showing their experience and consistency, then with the ever improving Danni SINCLAIR 19th and Olivia HUSSEY 31st rounding off all four girls in the top 40 which must put the team is in a good position to work from for the rest of the season. Carmen MUNOZ 46th Grace CLARIDGE 58th (First race) Isabella PARKE 64th and Jemima DUTTON (First race) 67th all made promising starts and must be one of the top B teams – again I think we will see improvement throughout the series of races as they are still quite new to athletics. Young Poppy RADFORD was our ninth runner in 83rd, her first race, also with certainly much more to come from this one if she is anything like her sister! Not far off fielding three teams is testament to how the club is progressing.


Grace Ashurst and Alice Bridger Morales in the Under-13 Girl's Race
Grace Ashurst and Alice Bridger Morales in the Under-13 Girl’s Race

Under-15 Girls: With an impressive 6 (six) runners we had Claudia SPICE (returning from injury) in 22nd followed by Josie DAVIS 44th, Elle RADFORD 46th and Molly ORCHARD 49th giving us all four in the top 50! Grace EVANS (who was carrying an illness) 51st and Taryn ZAHRINGER 57th brought the B team home well. Several of our Under-15’s could not make this race which was a shame as we would be able to field 2-3 good teams. Hopefully they will all be back for the next race.

Under-17 Ladies: Olivia BURTON was sixth and a few steps behind was Alice DAVIES in seventh; both ran extremely well together with nothing to separate them pretty much all the way, setting a pace that they appeared to keep through to the finish. Emily MOORE continued her consistent progress with 35th, but Olivia CROFTS sadly was spiked early on and was not her usual self having finished individual seventh last year came in at 54th. However, this is still an overall strong team performance and this performance bodes well for the remainder of the season.

Alice Davies and Olivia Burton in the Under-17 Ladies' Race
Alice Davies and Olivia Burton in the Under-17 Ladies’ Race
Olivia Crofts and Emily Moore in the Under-17 Ladies Race
Olivia Crofts and Emily Moore in the Under-17 Ladies Race

Summary: All the girls appeared to enjoy themselves with plenty of photos and selfies being snapped at a considerable rate. It was nice to see all the girls and parents blending more with each other so that natural interactions were occurring more frequently. I am confident this will continue. Everyone can feel pleased with their performances, with many first time runners getting a taste of cross country and welsh mud. I am looking forward to seeing all progress this season as I am sure they will

Paul Owen Reports.