Horizontal Jumps Master Class at Bath University

16 Oct

The aim of the workshop is to provide an in depth session on horizontal jumps to coaches, assistant coaches and athletic leaders based in  Avon county and the surrounding areas. By the end of the session all participants will understand how fundamental skills as prescribed by England Athletics are the basis for approaching training for jumps.

The aim is to deliver a maximum of 2 sessions to up to 12 coaches per session. Each coach can take along a maximum of 2 athletes so that they can practice the new skills in an interactive environment.

An experienced coach will clearly demonstrate the essential movement patterns required for efficient jumping. Coaches will learn how and when these skills should be transferred from low to high intensity movements.

The session(s) will also cover drills and basic exercises from a general conditioning context to those that are more event specific. Each session last 3 hours (plus an hour break).

They will be held at Bath University Sports Complex on the following days :

22nd  October 1pm – 5pm including 1 hour Q&A  (booking deadline : Thursday 20th  )

19th November 1pm – 5pm including 1 hour Q&A  (booking deadline : Thursday 17th )  subject demand

The sessions will be lead by Paul Weston from Bristol & West Athletic club.  Paul is a UKA Level 4 Jumps Coach, an ex 15m triple jumper and a regular contributor to England Athletics regional workshops.

The sessions are free of charge, but bookings will be taken on a first come first serve basis.

Bookings should be sent to :