National Road-Relays – Sutton Park – Saturday 8th October 2016

09 Oct

The Senior Men’s Team experienced a frustrating day when Mike Down’s gamble to run Rich PETERS with a calf muscle injury failed. Will CHRISTOFI was one of a few who showed they had come on from the Midland Road Relays as he finished fourteenth in 17:56; Owain JONES ran a similar time to the Midlands but an 18:11 clocking didn’t stop him being passed by two. One of the club performances of the day was run by Jarlath MCKENNA on Leg 3 as he ran 17:41 to lift the team into ninth place. Steve MITCHELL was moved to Leg 4 where he clocked 17:45 to lift the club to seventh as five seconds covered fourth to seventh but by then Swansea, Cardiff and Liverpool were clear and the medals seemed decided unless Dan STUDLEY and Rich PETERS could pull back a minute. Dan just edged the Tonbridge athlete as his 17:26 lifted the club into fourth place (same time as Tonbridge) and with Andrew Butchart’s scorching 16:29 taking Central AC into sixth place only 7 seconds back.   Rich was in a place his Team Manager didn’t want him to be (having to work hard from the off rather than ease into it) and it was clear from the outset that Rich wasn’t right and it is to his credit that he kept running to finish in eleventh place, his time of 19:51 giving the team an overall time of 1:48:51. [Had Rich approached his 17:29 clocking at the Midlands two weeks earlier a fourth place might have been on the cards.]

The ‘B’ Team survived due to some eleventh hour phone calls  and finished forty-seventh with the following performances:

  1. Rob Stewart 19:00 (58)
  2. Mark Edwards 18:49 (51)
  3. Josh Moody 19:33 (52)
  4. Neville Gascoigne 20:48 (60)
  5. Miles Chandler  19:10 (52)
  6. Adam Speake 18:56 (47)

Rob STEWART clocked himself at sub-19 minutes his target after 19:19 at the Midland Road Relays, Neville GASCOIGNE performed well after coming into the team late on Friday night and it was good to see Adam SPEAKE competing after a very busy to start to his legal career in London.

Senior Women’s Team Manager Keith Brackstone was unable to get four ladies to compete for the third relay in a row. This was certainly a day of ups and downs. Fiona MARKS in her first National Competition finished thirty-ninth in 15:49 on a very competitive first Leg (one minute exactly down on fourth). Kate HULLS then stormed through the field to lift the team to fourth with a 13:58 clocking. The marshals then missed Kate coming in and Florence EMOND missed the changeover – on the results they show Florence finishing eighteenth after a 17:13 leg but those of us out on the course didn’t see Florence until mid-way through the fourth lap – so who knows what was going on. The results mix ups were compounded further when Jess Judd was awarded the medal for the fastest lap of the day and initially Keith Brackstone was rebuffed when he tried to point out that they had got it wrong – by then Jess and Kate’s medal were long gone. We wait to see if ERRA correct their mistake and get the medal to Kate!


In the Under-15 Boys three teams finished as follows:

22 Bristol & West ‘A’

  1. Stan Harding-Hill 14:07 (36)
  2. Luke Iles 14:07 (30)
  3. Nathan Marchant 13:58 (22)

38 Bristol & West ‘B’

  1. Fred Hawker 14:13 (42)
  2. Lewis Adamson 15:00 (43)
  3. Jack Bannister 14:25 (38)

47 Bristol & West ‘C

  1. Otto Kingston 15:56 (59)
  2. Harry Lloyd-Hughes 15:03 (52)
  3. Robert Kiekuth 15:39 (47)


In the Under-15 Girls there was just the one team which finished in fifty-ninth place.

59 Bristol & West

  1. Molly Orchard 17:27 (77)
  2. Nelly Bridger Morales 16:37 (64)
  3. Taryn Zahringer 17:57 (59)


As usual Ali mobilised her army and three full teams toed the start line. No doubt she will produce a race report so I will just record the team details as follows:

12 Bristol & West ‘A’

  1. Aidan Oscroft 14:10 (21)
  2. Cole Edmonds 14:35 (14)
  3. Rufus Thomas 14:24 (12)

31 Bristol & West ‘B’

  1. Jay Akbar         14:40 (36)
  2. Joseph Hull 16:01 (40)
  3. Beck Harding-Hill 14:51 (31)

50 Bristol & West ‘C’

  1. Jacob Roe 16:57 (61)
  2. Amos Kingston 17:22 (54)
  3. Henry Godfree 19:12 (50)


This was the first time Warren Orchard and Fleur Cockley had acted as Team Managers so well done to you both.

46 Bristol & West ‘A’

  1. Grace Ashurst 18:28 (65)
  2. Olivia Hussey   17:00 (54)
  3. Bridger Morales 16:06 (46)

56 Bristol & West ‘B’

  1. Grace Claridge 19:18 (69)
  2. Isabella Parke 18:58 (67)
  3. Lily Bailey   18:31 (56)