Strength & Conditioning Sessions for Young Athletes from Friday 7th October 2016

28 Sep

The club will launch a new weekly strength and conditioning program aimed at young athletes aged 11-16 at City Academy School, St George just 5 minutes away from Whitehall Athletics track, starting on Friday 7th October 2016. Each session will run from 6 p.m. until 7.30 p.m.

These sessions come highly recommended to athletes across all disciplines as it is widely acknowledged that stronger athletes produce a consistently higher level of performance and get injured less often.

The sessions will be led by our Strength & Conditioning specialist, James Tucker and will be supported by various club coaches (Nick Harris (Sprints) and Eugene Hechavarria (Horizontal Jumps) have already offered their support).

Any athletes who are interested in these sessions should contact the Club Young Athlete Development Adviser Jon Jackson at  There is a limit on numbers, so please book up early to secure your place.

These sessions will focus on:

1)     Learning the techniques for weight lifting

2)     Resistance exercises with body weight

3)     Circuit training

4)     Medicine ball exercises

5)     Fundamental movements – Agility, Coordination and Balance

6)     Elements of Athletics 365 (multi skilled approach to developing young athletes)

The first 10-12 weeks will focus on developing a good strength base. Then the older/stronger athletes will be set more advanced programmes (involving weights where appropriate).  There will be two training blocks: nine sessions prior to Christmas will cost £18 and thirteen sessions from January to March 2017 will cost £26. The full program of twenty-two sessions will cost £44.  Some individual sessions might be available at £3 per session but as places are limited it is better to sign up to the whole program.