Under- 13 Boys Midland Road Relays – The Coaches’ View

26 Sep

Well done and thank you to all the lads and parents who made the early start from the Downs for the first of the winter fixtures.

Ali was quietly optimistic that if everything went to plan a team medal was a possibility and the boys did not let the side down. The convincing style of our gold medal win was a fantastic start to the winter season.

Aidan OSCROFT (14.11) ran a perfect first leg to finish fourth handing over to Cole EDMONDS (14.52 ) who pushed on well to bring the team up into second place at the end of Leg 2. Rufus THOMAS (14.18)  then proceeded to charge up the hill in hot pursuit of the leading team just ahead. We had an anxious 10 minutes before the lead motor bike came along followed by Rufus well clear of the second team by about 30 seconds. Many of us rushed over to the final hill to cheer Rufus over the finishing line. The photo below reveals three very happy faces at the medal presentation. So Nationals here we come !

Our second team which finished in twenty-seventh position consisted of year 7 lads who have not run at this level before and they should be proud of themselves. Leading off was Joseph HULL (15.54) who ran with great maturity on the opening leg which often produces the fastest times of the race. Amos KINGSTON (18.32) on second leg mastered the change over well and now he is familiar with the course will run far quicker in two weeks time. Final leg runner Henry GODFREE (21.04 ) ran solidly to close in the team. Racing over 3.8 k at the start of the winter is always a baptism of fire for a young team. it will not get harder than this lads!

We were the only club to finish three teams so our third team proved what strength in depth we have. Running for the first time at this event Jacob ROE (17.46) led off the year 8 team and handed over to Ben WILLIAMS (17.08 ). This was a good run by Ben who clearly enjoys the longer distances. Our final runner of the day Vinnie WILLIAMS-BEESE (24.09) looked like he had enjoyed an ice cream on the way round smiling as usual all the way  to the finish in thirtieth place.

After the inevitable fast food stop on the way we made our way back home after a long but very rewarding day.

Many thanks to Brian Adamson for driving the mini bus and being so tolerant when the gang became a little noisy at times.

Ali Hurford Reports.

Winners of the Under-13 Midland Road Relays
Winners of the Under-13 Midland Road Relays