Prize Winners for the Aztec West Fast 5K Summer Series 2016

19 Aug

Prizes will be presented at the first race of the 2016-17 series on Tuesday 27th September 2016.

Easy Runner £50 vouchers to Mark Fallows and Danielle Phillips

Shields will be awarded to:

1st SL           Fiona Marks

2nd SL          Danielle Phillips

3rd SL           Rebecca White

1st L35           Alice Doggrell

2nd L35          Katie Hooper

1st L45           Tracy Allan       

2nd L45          Judy Knights

1st L55          Nicola Waters


1st U17M      Aidan Noble                     

1st SM            Oliver Mott

2nd SM         Jarlath McKenna

3rd SM          David Awde

1st M40          Mark Fallows

2nd M40        Andy Prophett

1st M45          Pete Clark

2nd M45        Richard Noble  

1st M50         Jeremy Mower

2nd M50        Bruce Sellars

1st M55          Neil Maston

2nd M55         Jonathon Goodland

1st M60          Arthur Daley

2nd M60        Peter England