Embu Red Cross Mini-Marathon – Kenyan Fund Raiser

09 Aug

Back in 2012 Bruce Lati was the coach with the Kenyan Athletics Team that was based in Bristol for their pre-2012 Olympics Camp and Keith Brackstone, the Club’s Development Adviser, worked with him then and has kept in touch with him ever since. (Bruce came and cheered the club on as we won the 2012 Avon 10k Mob Match and double Olympic Champion over 3,000 metres steeplechase Ezekiel Kemboi was among a group of Kenyan athletes that trained at Whitehall).

In 2015 Keith visited Bruce’s training group in Embu, Kenya and while there attended the first planning meeting of the Embu Mini-Marathon which is a half-marathon aimed at raising funds for the Red Cross Home in Embu which is a regional centre for disabled children. The Centre is in urgent need of additional funding and Keith is delighted to report that the Mini-Marathon is now well advanced in planning and will be held on Saturday 8th October 2016 (the same day as the English National Road Relays). Details of the race and some additional paperwork from the Red Cross at Embu are now available at the following link:


Much as Keith would like to arrange to take a group from the club to go and run in the race it is not really feasible (and the cost would be prohibitive) but the club could support the race if club members would like to make a small donation to the Red Cross at Embu.

If you would like to do so please give a donation to Keith in person or through the club’s bank account at Lloyds Bank sort code 30-16-11, account number 01802071 and he will arrange for a single transfer to the organisation to coincide with the race.

Embu is the home of 2015 Bristol Half-Marathon winner (and record holder) Morris Munene and it would be really great to develop the links between the club and the group at Embu further and support this really worthwhile cause. Keith knows that in Kenya a little money really does go a long way.