Sri Chinmoy Relay Races – Eastville Park – Tuesday 19th July 2016

Not even a heat wave stopped such an enthusiastic bunch of lads from taking part in this fun relay. Probably the promise of a free ice cream at the finish helped. Organizing six teams into similar ability took some sorting but with the help of many parents we had time to spare and no last minute panics.
Overall everybody committed well to the race and no doubt being part of a team ensured everyone gave of their best. However, there always has to be a winner which on this occasion went to team Ennis-Hill consisting of Fred Hawker, Zachary Roe and Beck Harding Hill.
From a coaches point of view the two exceptional performances came from Fred Cummins [6.28] and  Zachary Roe [6.34]. This is an excellent time for a mile when you are still only 10 years old.
Cole Edmonds was also presented with a medal for the best overall performance in the junior boys having competed well in all four races in the series.
Many thanks to Emma Withers for the photos which can be seen at the following link:

Ali Hurford Reports

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