Introduction to Running Courses at Whitehall

01 Jul

Almost 4 years ago the club introduced recreational running groups for the first time and the success of Whitehall Runners and WISE Runners was immediate and last weekend saw the first UK Championship finalist who had entered the club through this route. Nevertheless there have been comments that even coming along and joining in at Whitehall or WISE might be too intimidating for people who have never run before. So from Monday 14th July 2014 the club will offer 8-week long Introduction to Running Courses led initially by Paul Taylor-Morris and John Kavanagh – two of our qualified run leaders. A flyer and details of what the course will involve can be found at this link:

Please spread the word and if you know anyone who was tempted to run but thought we might be too demanding and hasn’t given it a try yet then please encourage them to come along. If you need any more information then please contact Club Development Adviser Keith Brackstone at . The course will run on a Monday night from 14th July 2014 at 7 p.m. for 8 weeks and the cost will be the normal club fee of £2 per session..