10 Apr

The Avon schools under-13 Boys Sportshall team produced a superb all round performance in winning the United Kingdom Sportshall finals at Manchester’s Sport City, defeating ten other Regional winners in a thrilling competition. Making this a best ever performance by Avon’s youngsters the Girls team produced their best ever effort finishing second in a close battle with Surrey. Every member of the 12 strong teams contributed to excellent team scores.

UK titles were won by the excellent Jakub Pazdan (St. Bedes) in the Standing Long jump recording 2metres 62 centimetres, and a double for Daniel Brooks (Downend) in the 4 lap race winning in 41.6 with a brilliantly timed last lap charge. In the same race Bruce de Silveira (Fairfield) ran well for fifth place of the 20 starters.

They then combined to win the 8 lap paarlauf; winning Heat 2 and then waiting to see how their times compared with the other race. Dan also took second place in the Vertical Jump with 59 centimetres with Bruce third with 58 centimetres.

Henry Cox (Broadoak) took a third place in the Speed bounce with 84bounces and Josh Bailey (Redland Green School) a fourth in the triple jump with 7m03.

It was in the Relays where Avon secured victory. The 4 x 1 lap relay won magnificently by 8 metres: Christian Sweeney (Kingsoak) led them off and Jack Holbrook( Kingsoak) handed onto Jakub Pazdan leaving Josh Dunstan (Brislington Enterprise College) to bring the team home.

The obstacle Relay team set the day off well with an unexpected win. Henry Cox led off followed by Josh Bailey, Jakub Pazdan and Christian Sweeney.

Owen Dudman (Beechen Cliff) and Fred North (Backwell) both recorded the same time in the 6 lap for sixth place to ensure Avon kept pace with the leading teams. Gene Norris (Writhlington) was the best of the Avon shot putters producing a PB of 10 metres exactly.

The 4 x2 lap relay produced a classic .Having lost to Surrey in the heat the Avon team was   switched around with the excellent Kwame Hartley (St. Bedes)  leading off and matching the surprised Surrey lead runner stride for stride.  Jack Holbrook took over ,handing on to Quentin Querle (Priory) who took fourth place in the 2 lap final with the eccentric and talented Josh Dunstan bringing the team home a stride behind Surrey.

The Under-13 Girls team managed superbly by Susan Jones excelled with four UK titles in the Field events.

Nina Nemi (Colston Girls) took the Vertical jump with 66 centimetres. The versatile Anna Loughlin (Colston Girls) won the Shot with 10m 43 with Ellie Shale (Backwell) third with 9 metres 64 centimetres. Her school mate Caroline Walder broke the Ulster and Welsh records with 90 speed bounces and the impressive Emma Bakare (Backwell) won the Triple Jump with a massive 7metres 66 centimetres which also would have been a record in Ulster and Wales. Emma also took third place in the 2 Lap race with 21.4 seconds.

The Obstacle Relay team of Harriet Emery (Backwell), Sophie Parker (Backwell) combined with Caroline Walder and Holly Jones (Backwell) to take a magnificent second place

Harriet finished eighth in the 6 lap just ahead of Lottie Rudd (Bristol Grammar School) in eleventh place of the 22 starters. Lottie combined with Nina Nemi in the paarlauf for fourth place.

Charlotte Roberts (Colston Girls) took fourth place in the Triple Jump with a great 6metres 86 centimetres. Tia Jackson (Downend) was a wonderful 11th in the long jump with 2 metres 22 centimetres and Sadie Thomson Quance (Redland Green School) took ninth place in 21.9 in the 2lap race.

Labelle Davila (Writhlington() produced a 48 centimetre vertical jump, Nia Thomas White (RGS) jumped 2metres 21 centimetres in the Long jump and Lucy Oliver threw a fine 8 metres 84 centimetres in the Shot.

The 4×1 lap relay team finished fourth with the 4 x 2 lap relay fifth to leave Avon’s girls second by 50 points.

The decision to take the teams up the day before and stay in Manchester proved beneficial to the athletes.

The atmosphere and team spirit generated by supporting parents and team members was very special indeed and contributed greatly to the squads’ successes. Thanks go to all the parents who travelled up to support.

Avon Under-13 Boys teams have now won a record breaking seven United Kingdom titles since 1994: The greatest number in Sportshall history.

At the helm of each team has been local ex-teacher Dave Turner who now has the distinction of having overseen all seven wins, a Sports Hall record.

                                                              TEAM SCORES

1. AVON                    1340                                       1. HAMPSHIRE               1258

2. SURREY               1210                                         2. AVON                          1208

3. BIRMINGHAM       1157                                         3. BIRMINGHAM            1192

4. DONEGAL             1061                                        4. Greater Manchester    1075

5. TYNE AND WEAR 1048                                         5. SURREY                     1063

6. DERBYSHIRE          956                                        6. DONEGAL                    948

7. CHESHIRE               945                                      7. POWYS                         837

8 .WEST YORKSHIRE  919                                        8. HERTFORDSHIRE       835

9. POWYS                    868                                      9. TYNE AND WEAR       814

10. ESSEX                   856                                      10. DERBYSHIRE             799

                                                                               11. WEST YORKSHIRE   781