Whitehall Spring Handicap 2014 – Sack the Handicapper

A big thank you to Jarlath McKenna (Marshal at the turn point), Maggie Salter and Alison Engledew (the number recording team) and Alan and Sheila Wilcox (the Time Recording Team) without whose help it wouldn’t have been possible to stage the event. Forty-three members of Whitehall Runners took part and despite the pleas for early sign ups there were still several pleas to enter on the day. Either the handicapper needs shooting (he was beaten by 31 runners) or it just shows the lengths some of those taking part will go to in an effort to win a bottle of wine. The four bottles of wine went to:

Michael Nott – first male finisher

Emma Jolliffe – first lady finisher

Helen Newberry – fastest time by a lady – 18.56 and

Rob Stewart – fastest time by a male – 16.47

There was a great spirit among those who took part and as in the previous two runnings of the event it did get pretty competitive. Thanks to the vast majority who stayed to hear the results and times and to cheer the prize winners. The general consensus was a re-run in the late summer/early autumn would be worth doing (perhaps as a warm up for the Bristol Half-Marathon). For those who ran, and interested club members who didn’t, a full set of results including net times is at:


Keith Brackstone reports.