Young Athlete Development Event – Whitehall – Wednesday 26th March 2014

27 Mar

The first of two Young Athlete Development Events took place at a chilly Whitehall Athletics Arena on Wednesday 26th March 2014. The aims of the meeting were two-fold: firstly to give the inexperienced young athletes an early taste of competition on the track and secondly to allow the club’s young athlete team managers to identify those with potential to represent the club in Avon, South-West and National Youth Development league matches.

There were some expected results and then there was the occasional surprise such as Ella Falk (under-17) winning the 800 metres in front of the Dave Taylor/Paul Owen coached group of middle-distance runners. No such surprises in the boy’s 800 metres – unsurprisingly Ali Hurford’s group supported the event and Reuben Wilmshurst (under-15) was a clear winner in 2:16.5 with Stan Harding-Hill the first under-13 home in 2:35.6. In the under-11 boy’s 600 metres Aidan Oscroft headed a field of 16 athletes in 2:00.0, although runner-up Joe Mead wasn’t far behind as he clocked 2:01.9. Thea Clarke from Almondsbury Primary School led the field of ten home in the girl’s 600 metres – her time was 2:09.2.

In the shorter events there were fifteen competitors in the three girls under-11 75 metres where Thea Clarke clocked the fastest time winning her race in 12.2. In the boy’s races Aidan Oscroft was quickest of the fifteen starters clocking 11.5. In the under-13 girls 75 metres Tia Jackson continued her impressive form from last year as she opened her season with a win in 10.8; Imogen Sharman was second fastest in 11.5. Ella Goodman won a mixed race with under-11 boys in 11.7.

In the under-13 boy’s 100 metres Louis Joseph got a narrow win over Jack Donoghue as both clocked 14.2.  Libby Roughly won the under-15 girls 100 metres in 15.6 and Bruce Da Silveira won the under-15 boys 100 metres in 12.3.

Laura Measor was fastest of the three under-15 girls clocking 14.4.

Max Johnson recorded the longest jump of the eighteen under-11 boys with 3 metres 25 centimetres. Lewis Oberhansi was the longest jumper in the under-13 boy’s competition with 3 metres 86 centimetres and Christian Sweeney was the sole under-15 boy jumper recording 4 metres 42 centimetres.

Thea Clark recorded 2 metres 96 centimetres to add the under-11 long jump win to her win over 600 metres. In the under-13 girls Libby Hayett jumped 4 metres exactly to win the competition which was further than Millie Rutherford who won the under-15 girls long jump with 3 metres 47 centimetres.

In the high-jump Lilly Greenslade cleared 1 metre 5 centimetres; while under-15 Issy Harris was the only over-11 jumping and she cleared 1 metre 15 centimetres. Lewis Oberhansi cleared 1 metre 25 centimetres in the under-13 boy’s high jump with Harvey Greenslade, Edward Lovell and Mani Baird all clearing 95 centimetres in the under-11 boy’s high jump.

It is disappointing that more young athletes didn’t give the throws a try but it is good to see a couple of the under-13 boys throwing with Mani Baird achieving a putt of 6 metres and 5 centimetres. In addition the usual suspects are back for the new season with Rownita Marston putting the shot 10 metres 30 centimetres and Beth Nott (under-15) 7 metres 45 centimetres. Senior Lady Anna Page also threw 9 metres 33 centimetres. Catherine Clayton (under-15) threw the discus 28 metres 50 centimetres and senior Gemma Tingay also warmed up for the coming season with a throw of 27 metres 7 centimetres.

A full list of results is available at the following link:

Athletes and parents/guardians are reminded that there will be another Young Athlete Development Event on Tuesday 9th April 2014 when we hope the weather will be warmer. A detailed programme for that night can be downloaded from the same link as above.

A very big thank you to all the officials, volunteers and parent helpers who made the event possible your help on Tuesday 9th April 2014 would be greatly appreciated again.