Indoor Track and Field – Weekend 23 and 24 March 2014

24 Mar

Events at the HIPAC Centre at Alexander Stadium this past weekend reflected the transition from Indoor competition to Outdoor Competition. Sprints and jumps were held indoors whereas the throws were in the adjacent outdoor Alexander Stadium.  Similarly the normal 60 metre Indoor Sprint distances graduated to outdoor more traditional distances like 100 metres and 80 metre hurdles over the day on Saturday.

In the throws competitions Shot Putters Gemma TINGAY (Senior) and Rownita MARSTON (Under-17) performed very well with both coming second in their age groups.  Gemma threw an outstanding 11.05 metres and Rownita 10.69 metres; obviously to both achieve outdoor bests for 2014. With these two along with new member Anna PAGE supporting, their Coach Paul FILER has now developed a strong pool of Ladies to head the throws group in League competitions this year. 

Indoors Chris STONE (Under-20) was the star sprinter on show clocking the fastest 60 metre time of the day.  Although better suited to longer sprint distances Chris achieved some very impressive short distance times clocking 6.92 for 60 metres and 10.75 for 100 metres.  Away soon to warm weather training Chris can tune up his performances and will be a great asset to our British Athletics League Team and make a great drive for selection to the British Under-20 team.  Training partner and second claim member Debo ADEMUYEWO running in the senior events was a little way off challenging Chris this week with a 7.04 clocking for 60 metres.  Anthony MATTIS clocked 7.57 and shin splint troubled Mark SMITH (Under-20) a 7.50 PB followed by a 11.74 PB in the 100 metres.  In the Women’s events it was good to see both senior sprinters Emma HEATH and Hannah WILLIAMS performing well.  Emma marginally edged her rival with 8.04 for 60 metres and 12.69 for 100 metres with Hannah clocking 8.09 and 12.79 respectively.  Newcomer Lydia HANKS (Under-17) showed well with 8.49 for 60 metres and 13.54 for 100 metres and hurdler Sam BARRETT (Under-17) clocked a new PB of 8.49 to impress on Team Managers that this multi-talented athlete can hold her own in sprints as well. 

In the hurdle events we saw another PB for Rebecca COURTENAY who brought her 60 metres time down to 9.69 and then recorded an Indoor PB of 16.96 for 100 metre hurdles.  Who can’t run a three stride pattern (quote 2012)???  Sam BARRETT (Under-17) ran remarkable PBs of 9.43 for her 60 metre hurdles and 12.78 for 80 metre hurdles which are all the more noteworthy for being her first attempts at these new distances.  Sam went on the next day to attend the EA Officials Course in Bristol to consolidate her very committed interest in our Club.

Finally a word for one of North Somerset’s athletes Caroline WALDER (Under-15) who is coached for hurdles and pole vault through Bristol & West.  Cally again improved her pole vault PB to 2.40 metres much to the pleasure of Coach Martin DAVIES after clocking hurdles PBs of 9.76 for 60 metres and 12.31 for 75 metres on the preceding day.  Of note here is that Cally beat her great friend and rival Sophie PARKER for the very first time in a hurdles race.  That is some landmark for this very talented athlete.

Mike Strange – 24 March 2014