Pomphrey Sports 5k – Overall results Winter Series 2013-2014

04 Mar

The Club is pleased to announce the overall winners of the 2013-2014 Pomphrey Sports 5k Winter Series. Winners of the 5 Race Easy Runner Prize for the Pomphrey Sports 5K Winter Series were Jarlath McKenna and Kate Browning.

Shield Winners (based on the best four times from the five races) were:

First Senior Lady – Carla Reese, First Lady 35 – Kate Browning, First Lady 45 – Sarah Everitt, Second Lady 45 – Alison Hurford, First Lady 55 – Nicola Hovey and First Under-17 Lady – Isobel Medcroft.

First Senior Man – Jarlath McKenna, Second Senior Man – Olly Sheppard, First Man 45 – Malcolm White, Second Man 45 – Eric Downey, First Man 50 – Martin Bailey, Second Man 50 – Richard Hughes, First Man 55 – Dave Bedwell, First Man 60 – Dave Wintle, Second Man 60 – Arthur Daley and First Under 17 Man – Joe Connors.

The overall results can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzIFRjtRS2vBbWVlaHVZRldpNUk/edit?usp=sharing .

The prizes will be presented at the prize giving following the first race in the Summer Series on Tuesday 25th March 2014. 

It’s nice to see that a large number of the prize winners are members of Bristol & West Athletic Club and that so many of our members support the event. A big thank you to Chris Elson, Rober Brocklesby and the team for staging this popular series.