Helpers both Wanted and Needed – Particularly to Support Young Athletes

03 Mar

At friday night’s club committee meeting the amazing growth of the club was discussed and also the great performances across a wide range of age groups and disciplines. One key area where we still need to progress is volunteers, helpers or whatever you like to call them. There was also a discussion about the difference between wanting something and needing something – so here’s the bottom line. Not only does the club want more helpers it also needs more helpers.

We want parents in particular to help us to support their children, turning up and supporting them at events is a great start but if you are a parent and can rake a sand pit or hold a stopwatch while you watch your son or daughter compete that would be an immeasurable help. We want parents to get more involved but with 567 competing members in the club now we also need more people to help. On Wednesday 26th March 2014 and Wednesday 9th April 2014 the club will stage Young Athlete Development Competitions at Whitehall (the timetables will be circulated shortly) without help from parents we won’t be able to stage these events efficiently so please offer to help. Contact Keith Brackstone at if you can help – no matter how limited that help might be – even a one-off for an hour will help.

Also if you bring your son or daughter to training sessions then please don’t just drop them off and go – stick around and find out what the club is about – we need to convert young athletes from trainers to competitors if the youngsters are to follow the lead of the club’s senior teams. Did you know that the Men have been promoted from the Midland Premiership to British League Division 4, then British League Division 3 then British League Division 2 in successive seasons. At the same time the Women’s Team has gone from Midland Premiership to UK Women’s League Division 3 and then UK Women’s League Division 2 in successivce seasons. With greater parental help in supporting the Young Athlete teams and getting young athletes to matches we will be able to replicate that level of success in the younger age groups. Moreover our senior teams haven’t stopped yet and this year we are targetting a double promotion of the teams to Division 1 of their respective leagues. If you can help us to achieve our aims please do so.

If you are still unsure what the club does then come along to the Annual General Meeting at Whitehall Athletics Arena on Friday 28th March 2014 – we will keep the formal part of the meeting brief and follow it with an Open Forum – so have your say and ask questions to find out what you need to know.