Gwent League – Saturday 1st March 2014 – Early Reports From Around The Age Groups

01 Mar

As usual we will have to wait for the results to appear on the Gwent League web-site but in the interim a few highlights. Wins in the Senior Men’s race for Owain Jones and a good showing from the team – was it enough to win on the day? We will need to wait and see but I think the team did enough to hold on to the overall team lead and should have won the Men’s overall team title for the season. There was a good run from Ben Robinson in seventh place and then solid backing from Jarlath McKenna, Will Russell and Kit Grierson plus great support from a total of 20 male athletes.

In the Senior Women’s race there was an excellent win from Kate Goodhead and good backing from Grace France in fifth place, Anna Burton in seventh place, Clare Jolliffe in twentieth and Ellen Harrison in twenty-seventh. Probably not enough to secure a win on the day – I have to take my hat off to Westbury Harriers without their top two runners they still packed admirably to take the win on the day. However, our ladies must have performed well enough to hold on to their overall team title for the second year in a row. There were sixteen ladies out racing and a big thank you to all of them who have supported the team magnificently during the year and again performed well on the day. Names will be named as soon as I see the results.

I must mention the sterling work of Chris Elson. He has led a massive turn-around in the club that has seen us going from being also rans to double team title winners at the senior level in just two seasons – a remarkable achievement (I hope I am not jumping the gun here) and testament to his efforts to get people out on the day. (It must be in the genes as Tamsin does a similar job as Chief Whip for Westbury Harrier’s Senior Ladies). I must say how great it is to see such a keen and friendly rivalry between the two clubs – takes me back to the halcyon days of the mid-1980s when a similar rivalry existed between the Senior Men’s Teams at the two clubs.

Ali has already given a good account of her young boys’ exploits and Paul Owen was there with a contingent of under-13 and under-11 girls. Great to see the club fielding two under-11 girls (probably for the first time ever.) As usual Dave Bedwell was there with the under-15 boys but I was too tied up to watch their race but hear there were good runs from Anton Mills and Hugh Sadler, again with good support from the usual suspects.

Finally I must mention the parents – great to see them there in increasing numbers – let’s now try and get some of you more involved as club helpers as some of us are getting a bit long in the tooth (and at sixty I am one of the younger ones currently!)

The sun shone and we were all away by three and Ali made cake – quite the most civilised Gwent League Race of the season.

Keith Brackstone reports