Ali’s Report on the Under-13 Boys at the National

23 Feb

The under-13 boys had the luxury of a lie in due to their race starting at 2.05 pm. After a first class journey by car with Nathan’s mum Sue at the helm we arrived and parked within view of the course and the toilets!

This was the first National Cross-Country for the 3 lads and it was good to have time to watch the start procedure, walk the course and absorb the atmosphere of the event.

Just under 400 boys lined up for the start which was certainly fast and furious. Stan and Nathan never far apart kept their cool running a steady race and pulling through at the end. Unfortunately Stan turned his ankle towards the end of the race and he did well to dig deep and not give in. After a large portion of chips on the way home he felt a lot better.

Once again Robert went off with good intent not far behind Nathan in the initial stages before slowing to a more conservative pace. Robert’s main concern was to finish before the T-shirts sold out.

All 3 lads will have learnt a lot from this day and I look forward to this time next year when they tackle the national at Parliament Hill Fields. 

Nathan Merchant  178

Stan   Harding Hill  184

Robert Kiekuth        370