Bristol 10k – Sunday 11th May 2014

18 Feb

The Bristol 10k is getting nearer and already fifty Bristol & West Athletic Club runners have enetred (as at 18th February 2014). However of those fifty, forty-four entered through the club and paid £14.95 and six entered on line and paid £23. So  before you rush off and enter on-line contact the Club Development Adviser Keith Brackstone who will advise you how to enter through the club and save 35% off the £23 entry fee. Details of the race can be found at Basically to enter through the club you make your cheque for £14.95 payable to Bristol & West Athletic Club and pass it to Keith (or give him cash or ask him how you can pay by a bank transfer). When he has sufficient entries he will buy a block of numbers and then forward you a code number. You have to enter for the race on-line but when you get to the part where you need to pay simply enter the code number you have been given. So please run the Bristol 10k but please enter through the club and don’t pay £23 entry on line. The closing date for entries is Monday 14th April 2014 so no need to panic just yet.

Those of you who also race on the track please be aware that the club is involved in the British Athletics League and UK Women’s Athletics League Division Two matches on Saturday 10th May 2014 (the day before the Bristol 10k). If you have any questions call Keith.