Club Endurance Championships 2013 – Final Results

Here is the final Club Endurance Championship update of 2013. Winners of the various categories were:

Senior Men:                         Andy Cooke

M40:                                      Andy Malloy

M50:                                      Phil Parry

M55:                                      Pete Mountain

M60:                                      Tom Burgess

Senior Women:                     Jessie Sanzo

F35:                                       Sophie Lovell

F40:                                       Annabel Granger

F45:                                       Sarah Everitt

F50:                                       Susan Campbell

With regard to the special prize for most points over 9 events, although Pete Mountain and Sarah Everitt both completed 9 races as they each won a prize in their age category Matt Krelle takes the prize in this category as the first finisher not to take a prize in another category – well done Matt.

A full spreadsheet with every individual result can be found at the following link:

Congratulations to all of the winners. Each prize is a £10 voucher for Easy Runner which Chris Elson will be distributing shortly.

Best times of 2013 over the Pomphrey Sports 5k route were:


1 Charlie MacLean   14:40

2 Owain Jones          15:14

3 Jarlath McKenna    16:01


1 Jessie Sanzo         17:18

2 Jenny Jagger          17:39

3 Helen Sharpe         17:57

Best times of 2013 over the Ashton Court Parkrun route were:


1 Will Russell            16:52

2 Jarlath McKenna    17:08

3 Matt Krelle              17:15


1 Nicki Brookland     19:29

2 Julia Belyavin         20:01

3 Sarah Everitt          20:23

Our thanks to Peter Woodward for setting this Championship up and collating the results throughout the year. Our congratulations to those who took part and in particular the category winners. Details of the 2014 Championship have already been publicised on the web-site and two scoring races have already been held – the 2014 South-West Cross-Country Championship and the first Pomphrey Sports 5k.