Asthma and Dietary Fibre – Of Mice and Men (and Women)

13 Jan

Professor Chris Elson recently circulated the following around the club to those he believes have asthmatic problems following a paper he read in Nature Medicine. There has been an increase in the prevalence of asthma and a decrease in dietary fibre intake over recent years. The paper studied the effect of increasing and decreasing the amount of dietary fibre on allergic asthma in mice. The results were quite clear: An increase in dietary fibre makes things better and a decrease makes things worse. It works through altering the type of gut microbes.

If the same is true in humans then eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and also make sure you have sufficient Vitamin D (get out in the sun). Apparently recent government studies say don’t look on fruit juice as a good source of your five-a-day as many of them are now high in sugar content.