Bath Indoor Shot and Vault Competition – 22nd December 2013


Alex Leeming-Froudakis threw a PB of 13 metres 85 centimetres to move to the top of the SW Under-20 rankings for 2013 at what was the last competition opportunity of the year. Not bad for an event he had abandoned before coming to UK in September!

Incidentally, Alex’s dad Mike came from Crete to support, but decided to “have a go” and threw 12 metres 52 centimetres with the V50 shot. Unfortunately he caught the plane home after Christmas so we couldn’t recruit him for next season.

Rownita Marston continued her steady improvement with another PB of 10 metres 75 centimetres to win the Uunder-17 competition from Emily Hutchinson of Bath, who is a year older and on paper about a metre better.

Gemma Tingay and our Higher Competition athlete Alice Grosjean had a good scrap for the senior ladies’ competition with Gemma prevailing 10 metres 90 centimetres to Alice’s 10 metres 3 centimetres, and in the Uunder-15 ladies, Nicola Fortune scored a PB of 8 metres 7 centimetres to take third.

Pole Vault:

Former club member Cameron Walker-Shepherd and Connell McQuisten came second and fourth overall out of a very large field of 28 with 5 metres 6 centimetres and 4 metres 66 centimetres respectively, and lower down Under-15 Kurt Cameron and evergreen veteran Martin Davies tied on 2 metres 76 centimetres.

 Murray Grant reports.