16 Dec

World Record for Alex DALEY

The ‘Star’ (fun) attraction as usual in this pre-Christmas Grand Prix event was the ‘Santa’ 60 metre dash.     After a great build up by announcer James THIE the close race (with 9 runners) ended with our own Alex DALEY taking the accolade and the prizes in a new ‘Santa’ World Record time of 7.53 seconds.  Alex was elated and gave a Usain Bolt celebration pose for the crowd.  A special note also for Bristol University athletes (they train at Whitehall) Dan LEVY and Fred HOOPER who took the second and third positions respectively.  Well done all.

Back to the serious stuff – Elise GAUNTLETT outshone everyone in the Pole Vault with an outstanding win in the Women’s Pole Vault at a PB equalling height of 3 metres 60 centimetres.  Elise was followed in the Men’s event by another outstanding win for B&W old boy Cameron WALKER-SHEPPARD with a 5 metre clearance.  An interested onlooker was Luke BAILEY who said he had almost recovered from a hairline fracture in his foot and hopes to resume training soon.  Luke had to be content with presenting the prizes on the day dressed as Father Christmas.

Our only other athlete in the field was young Sam BARRETT who was the leading under-17 athlete with a commendable PB of 4 metres 70 centimetres but to make a PB disappointing Sam just fouled with her first jump at around 5.00 metres.

In the 60 metre hurdles Oliver JEFFERIES hit the last two hurdles and thus just missed his PB by 3/ 100ths with an 8.50 second clocking for third place and for Bristol University an interesting competitor in the Women’s event was Jazmin SAWYER (World Junior Long Jump Bronze Medalist in 2012) who won in 8.83 seconds.  Jazmin also trains at Whitehall.

On the track we seemed to dominate the middle order of the ‘B’ 3,000 metre with 5 competitors in the field.   Jessie SANZO looked outstanding and clocked an excellent indoor PB of 9:56.40 in forth place. She showed her lack of track experience as she was constantly trying to overtake the pace-maker who was leading her to a sub-10 clocking but as she had never even trained indoors she can be forgiven.  Club captain Charlotte GREEN overtook a whole group of people with her customary last lap finish and got inside 10 minutes for the first time with 9:59.11 in fifth place. Anna BURTON who was a good way in front of Charlotte earlier on also beat 10 minutes with 9:59.96 in eighth place, as both Anna and Charlotte clocked big personal bests.  The lap board rightly showed 0 laps to go as the winner finished lapping a tight group of 5 with Charlotte and Anna plus a double lapped runner and completely fooled poor Jeremy HOGAN who was on for a good time but on seeing the lap board saying 0 laps to go stopped thinking he had finished?  A sad end to a journey to Wales and a very good 2,800 metre run.  Dave BEDWELL now over-60 ran impressively to finish just behind the girls in 10th with 10:06.31.  I will check but this must be an age Club Record for Dave.

In the 600 metres Charlotte and Dave ran again (a hard day) clocking 1:39.98 (just sneaking inside the 1:40 barrier) and 1:42.65 respectively.  Young Corey HAYNES ran 1:32.59 to beat his coach DB in a very sensible even paced run.

In the 300 metres Alex DALEY (World Santa Record Holder) started his day with a great win in 37.23 beating Toby PENTREATH (an excellent Horizontal Jumper (6.28m & 13.55m) with aspirations of joining B&W as an HCA Member for 2014) in 38.37 secs.  Young Reuben WILMSHURST ran I believe for the first time indoors to finish second in the first race in 41.73 seconds.  In the Women’s 300 metres we saw for the first time young (just U20) Emma PIATEK who also aspires to join as a HCA Member for 2014 winning her race in an outstanding and controlled 43.14 seconds.

Mike Strange & Keith Brackstone – 16th December 2013