Ashton Court parkrun – Saturday 7th December 2013

10 Dec

This winter’s first parkrun saw extremely mild temperatures, although a rather dank day saw no rain until after the run had finished and very little wind.

Walking up through the Deer Park, it was clear to see that the Red Deer rut had finished for the year. Solitary stags were dotted all over the hillside, resting, recuperating following their excesses of the past few weeks. They looked knackered and in need of rest and a good meal, much like your correspondent (knackered from running!!)

Run number 131, saw a field of 237, with 21 Bristol & West runners. Both numbers were down this week; obviously the lure of Christmas shopping, mince pies and carol singing was beginning to take its toll – and there was also the Gwent League and Avon Championships on Sunday that some were saving themselves for under team manager’s orders! There were also 9 representatives of the club amongst the 169 who took part in the 56th Little Stoke parkrun, very similar numbers to the 8 out of 165 there last week.

The weekly briefing included details of planned festive runs, with a double header on New Years Day, Little Stoke 9.00 and Ashton Court 10.30, now there is a splendid start to 2014.

This week’s start took me and many others by surprise, just a blast on the whistle, no 5,4,3,2,1 or 3,2,1, and away we went.

Early chaos in the first few yards saw the dropping of car keys by one runner, who immediately turned to retrieve them, only to plough headlong into a large group of oncoming runners at a fair belt!!, some wag in the crowd wondered whether they were mine, I was delighted to inform him that mine were safely locked in my car!!!….

 Despite ideal conditions for PBs, only the following three were recorded by Bristol and West runners:-

 1)  Jennifer Owsley by 2 seconds.

 2) Cecilia Browne by 7 seconds.

 3) Sue Campbell by 11 seconds.

 Two other notable performances, 

 1) Pete Mountain 1st VM 55-59, and the 2nd Best Age Grade of the day with 78.41.

 2) Henrietta Anstey 1st VW 40-44.

 Performance of the week goes to Cecilia Browne, with her third PB in three weeks.

 Finally, thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets from me on Saturday, I still have plenty left and will be at the next two parkruns, so please bring your cash again.

Once again thanks to Rich Kenington for helping me with the both the stats and production of this report.

Paul Burgess Reports.