Gwent League Saturday 19th October 2013 – Senior Men and Women positions

20 Oct
Two years ago I sat under under a wet umbrella in the middle of a muddy field with 5 men & 4 women running. What a difference two years makes. Apart from the ferocity of the rain (how it could penetrate a plastic bag full of nice clean B&W AC vest in a (supposedly) rain proof running bag, it was a great day with teams in the A, B, C & D divisions of the League. The girls almost certainly won their A division by, subject to my calculation being correct, some 60 points, and with high hopes for men. I suppose it’s appropriate for a club which was last night was awarded the Gilbert Legge Memorial award by the Gwent League for “Sportsmanship, Endeavour and Achievement” and the highest accolade that our sport can give to clubs and the volunteers who support them. At England Athletics’ Annual Awards Evening Bristol & West AC  won the national ‘Development Club of the Year’ title in recognition of the Club’s growing success and standards of excellence. 

Can we keep the momentum going at Bridgend on Nov 10th with several key members doing the dreaded Slog? 

Full report to follow with results

2.        Charlie McLean
3.        Owain Jones
20.      Will Russell
27.      Nick Weyman
36.      Jarlath McKenna
37.      Alec Wood
48.      Andy Malloy
50.       Ross Grainger
72.      Peter Gandon
73.      William Smith (Individual)
101.    Charlie Pantlan
102.    James Smith
120.     Steve Smith
138.     Tristan Daniels
155.      Dan Noad
165.      Colin Traer
174.      Neil Light
186       Alan Wilcox (Individual)
206.      Yani Berdini
207.      Richard Lowe
208.       Dave Bedwell
209.       Stuart Price
366.       HP Kiekuth
3.           Kate Goodhead
5.           Anna Burton
7. .         Sophie Lovell
11.         Charlotte Green
18.          Nicola Brookland
25.          Ellen Harrison
31.          Helen Newberry
37.          Sarah Everitt
39.          Marie Berryman
44.          Clare Jolliffe
65.           Aimee Davies
83.           Tracy Allan
85.           Hayley Bennett
97.           Becci Colquhoun
101.         Henrietta Anstey
109.         Claire Sapwell
135.         Alison Hurford
145.         Emma Jolliffe
147.         Rosey Mushens
179.         Marie Lakin