Whitehall Junior Academy – Training Details for 2013/2014 Released

03 Oct

Head Junior Coach Dean Garrett has released details of the training schedules for the Whitehall Junior Academy for the academic year 2013/2014 and these can be found at http://www.bristolandwestac.org/downloads/junior-academy/.

At present Monday nights will operate with Dean as Head Coach with Alex Daley acting in a support role. On Wednesday nights there will now be a team of four coaching running, jumping, throws and fundamental movement skills and the team will be coaches Dean Garrett and Hilary Nash supported by Assistant Coach Jason Stockwell and Athletics Leader Alex Daley. Each will have their own group and will work to the programme as set out by Dean, which can be found at the link above.

The club will hope to continue to recruit and nurture young talent and feed them into competition through Sportshall and track and field competition as club members.

For further information please contact info@bristolandwestac.org.uk .