Gwent League Pontypool – Saturday 19th October 2013

02 Oct
Below are the race timetable and parking details for the 1st Gwent League X-Country at Pontypool on Sat 19th Oct. There is a race map & course description on the Gwent League web site
 Gwent League –Pontypool Race Schedule and Time table
Age Category      Approx Distance   Route 
12.00 U11 Girls 1.6Km 2 x loop W, past ring; In Gate & Finish. 
12.10 U11 Boys 1.6Km As U11 Girls 
12.20 U13 Girls 2.8 Km 2 x loop W; loop XYZ; In Gate & Finish 
12.40 U13 Boys 2.8Km As U13 girls
13.00 U15 Girls 3.5Km 1 x loop W; 2 x loop XYZ; in to Finish
13.20 U15 Boys 3.5Km As U15 Girls 
13.40 U17/20 Female 4.9Km 1 x loop W; 3 x loop XYZ; Into Finish 
14.00 U17/20 Male 5.6Km 2 x loop W; 3 x loop XYZ; Into Finish 
14.30 Senior Women* 5.6Km As U17/20 
15.1Senior Men* 9.2Km 3 x loop W; 5 x loop XYZ; Into Finish 
16.15 Races completed.
Refer Map for more details of courses.
Loop W is lap around start area. Loop XYZ is lap of areas of middle and upper Park.
Senior women’s race includes Master women and Men over 70.
Senior Men’s race includes Master men. 
Location of Leisure Centre & Parking
Leisure Centre address is Trosnant Street, Pontypool, NP4 8AT.
The Leisure Centre has over 100 places available and there are four other car parks
close by leading off Trosnant Street with other parking places. However, on Saturday
 they will also be in use by shoppers!