Club Leads on Sportshall Competitions – 19 October and 16 November 2013

25 Sep

Bristol & West Athletic Club are leading an Avon Athletics Network project to stage two Sportshall competitions in the Bristol Grammar School Sportshall on Saturday 19th October 2013 and Saturday 16th November 2013. The first date will be a competition for children in years 7 and 8 of secondary school (under-13s) and the second date will be for students in years 9 and 10 (under-15s).

Entries should be sent to Hilary Nash by the Tuesday prior to the event (Tuesday 15th October and Tuesday 12th November 2013 respectively). The two competitions are aimed at teams of four made up from clubs, schools or just groups of friends. Individuals may also enter if they wish. The entry fee is £2 for an individual and £6 for a team of four.

Further details are available at with a flyer at BGS Sportshall Event Flyer.docx, a programme at BGS Sportshall Programme.docx and an entry form at Sportshall Entry Form.xlxs.

As ever the event cannot be staged without considerable volunteer help and Hilary has identified that it will take 30 volunteers to run each meeting efficiently so please let Hilary (or Simonne on a Wednesday night) know if you are able to help, you do not need to be a trained official to be able to help.