Emma Bowers Sets Club Record for Overtaking People!

12 Aug

If you ever thought local races were a bit tight on space then consider Emma Bowers’ run in the City to Surf 14k in Sydney. A late decision to enter meant Emma had a yellow start number putting her well towards the back of the 69,231 finishers. Despite this she finished 1,892nd (and 53rd female in her age category) so must have overtaken well over 50,000 runners! Her time of 60:29 would have been a lot quicker – she reports she was zig-zaging all over the place to pass people – if she had a Garmin on it would be interesting to hear how far she actually ran. The race finishes on Bondi Beach – now that’s a really good picture to imagine. Well done Emma – and thanks for keeping us informed of your exploits in Australia.