Club Endurance Championships – End of July Positions

11 Aug

Another good month of racing with total dominance in the Tow Path Mob Match and some strong times in the Parkrun and Pomphrey Sports 5ks, Andy Cooke has gone top of the championship table after his victory at the Mob Match. In the Women’s competition Jessie Sanzo’s great run in the Tow Path Mob Match – where she recorded 36:06 for an off-road 10k – sees her in the lead. Sarah Everitt is Miss Consistency (and also Miss Versatility given her track performances as well – even down to 400 metres). A total of 193 club members have now competed in at least one of the races in this the inaugural year of the event.

 Top 3 Men

1.       Andy Cooke (5 events) 445 points

2.       Owain Jones (4 events) 390 points

3.       Will Russell (4 events) 350 points

Top 3 Women

1.       Jessie Sanzo (4 events) 245 points

2.       Sarah Everitt (6 events) 163 pointts

3.       Helen Sharpe (3 events) 140 pointts

The latest results for the competition so far can be found at: